I am Cocolvú.

 An illustrator, artist and graphic designer.

 Why Cocolvú? When I was seven, I was playing soccer when I fell and injured my head, knocking myself out. I woke instantly and jumped right back up to play some more. A friend said, ‘Hey, you have the ‘coco’’ (a head as hard as a coconut). From then on, everyone called me ‘Coco’ and now I’m Cocolvú, which was inspired by Popol-Vuh, a sacred mayan word  which means ‘book of the community’  

 As an artist, I’m compelled to draw and paint on whatever crosses my path. Why stop at paintings and murals, when you can paint on sofas, tables, chairs, doors and tennis shoes? Video is also a big part of my work; stop motion, ‘live painting’, as well as several music and video animation projects.

 I was born in Mexico City, and it shows in my work: influences of vibrant Mexican colours, market places and communities run through everything I do.

 I’ve painted and exhibited my work in galleries across the world; from Berlin to Tokyo to Barcelona. Currently, I am a full-time “freelance” and develops projects in Design, Art and Illustration, I have worked with clients like Nike, Converse, Disney, Perrier, Revlon, Nestle, Grupo Modelo, Instagram, Facebook, Crayola, Danone, Ford, Nivea, Bic, between others.